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Exceptional Edges is a mobile shear sharpening service that services Northern Colorado and Southern Wyoming. Call for an appointment 970-988-7942
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Choosing the Right Guy Matters

 “You have invested a lot of time and resources into honing your skill and acquiring the best tools. However, even the most expensive shears are only as good as the guy who sharpens them. You can trust that my proven technique, attention to detail and conscientious approach will help protect your investment.”

Jeff Bruce


Jeff Bruce

Owner and Sharpener

Exceptional Edges provides a mobile sharpening service that operates primarily in Northern Colorado and Southern Wyoming. This matters because we can usually accommodate your needs within one business day and are readily available to respond to any concerns quickly and efficiently. Jeff is a Colorado native and a Fort Collins resident, which means he’s readily available and accountable.


Exceptional Edges fully guarantees every shear we sharpen and sell. This matters because your satisfaction is our ultimate goal and if you have any issues with your shears, Jeff will return to make things right. We also provide no obligation consultations before purchasing new shears so you can see how they feel in your hands.

Exceptional Edges’ owner and operator, Jeff Bruce, has been trained by one of the industry’s best, John Kuipers. This matters because you will receive superior results! Like you, Jeff has invested time and resources into quality training and equipment to provide the best service possible to his clients. Jeff is also a member of the National Beauty Tools Sharpeners Guild (NBTSG). As a member, he stays current on conventional sharpening techniques and technological advances. Exceptional Edges is also an authorized servicer for Shark Fin shears and other manufactures.  This means that we are authorized to service shears without voiding your warranty.


Exceptional Edges’ sharpening process involves Japanese water stones and a flat hone sharpening machine that is specifically designed for sharpening convex edges that are found in Japanese style shears. Jeff can sharpen in his mobile work vehicle while you wait, or he can set up a small work station in your salon. This matters because Jeff’s techniques have been honed and proven over years of experience, and the salon can decide whether or not they want Jeff to sharpen in his vehicle or inside the salon. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.


Exceptional Edges carries a wide ranging selection of shears which include Shark Fin, Washi and Scissor Mall. This matters because combining the importance of ergonomics with a stylist’s budget is sometimes challenging. By providing a variety of styles and brands, you are certain to find an affordable shear that you will enjoy using.

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